Raymond G. Harder, Consultant
Educational Technology Specialist

Curriculum Vita

Extensive lecturing, training, and presentation background.

Nearly four years as full-time Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Computer Education followed by five years of full-time technical consulting and training primarily with K-12 schools. Designed, installed, and maintained extensive technology backbones for several schools. Developed custom training packages in support for peculiar technical situations in schools.

Consulting, technology installation, configuration, and training for 7 county offices of education, 10 school districts and over 100 individual schools. Worked on special projects for scholars at many major universities including UC Riverside, Claremont, UCLA, University of Chicago, Notre Dame, Oxford, and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Projects for Pacific Bell, the California Technology Project, and the Computer Using Educators group (CUE, Inc.). Designed and configured, extensive networks for Almeria Middle School, Fontana; Campbell Hall, Hollywood; Heschel Day School, Northridge; Clark County Public Education Foundation, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Microcomputer specialist. Macintosh Plus-PowerPC, DOS/Windows PC XT-586 (clones and compatibles); Apple IIc, IIe, IIGS.

Macintosh specialist: Over 20,000 hours direct experience.
DOS/Windows: Over 10,000 hours.
Apple II's: Upwards of 3,000 hours.

Programming: I have done a little programming in Pascal, BASIC, LOGO, AppleScript, Java, Perl, bash, etc., but mostly I just snag good code from books and the internet and modify it to meet my needs. I used to do some substantial and serious scripting in HyperTalk.

Applications programming: HyperCard (including XCMDs), MacroMind Director, FileMaker Pro.
DeskTop Publishing: PageMaker (IBM, Mac).
Varying degrees of familiarity with: Quicktime, MacroMind Director, Persuasion, Illustrator, MacDraw, MacPaint, SuperPaint, PixelPaint Professional, Fractal Dabbler/Design, SuperCard, HyperAnimator, MacWrite, Fontastic, Fontographer, SONAR, MacRecorder, SoundEdit, MicroPhone, Apple Access II, MacLink, Word Perfect, Lotus 1-2-3, PC-Write, PC-Calc, PC-File, Procomm, AppleWorks, Linkway, Power Point, ClarisWorks, MS-Office, GINA, HyperStudio, et. al. Many educational software packages.

Trainer: Over 10,000 hours of direct contact with students at computer terminals. Macintosh, DOS, Windows, IIe.

Telecommunications: Extensive use of online services including BBS's, DIALOG, Prodigy, Applelink (PE), Compuserve, America Online, CSUNet, Internet, FrEdMail, and BITNet. Developed E-Mail systems, SMTP gateways to the Internet, Fax and Mail servers for dialup. Trained and consulted for several large networking projects including CORE, Pacific Bell, and the Clark County Public Education Foundation. Internet tools and content specialist. Nearly two decades of daily Internet experience. I had a 56K Frame Relay network at home connected directly to the Internet back when the internet started!

Developed and trained with Computer Aided Instruction and Computer Based Training. Developed tutorials for language learning and new product introductions.

Extensive use of peripherals including Interactive VideoDisc, CD-ROM, LaserWriter, hard Disks, Modems, Video Overlay cards, Color VideoScanner, Optical Character Recognition devices, Mac-DOS interchanges (translators).

Worked in several multilingual environments. Traveled to Vienna, Oxford, and Israel for computer work and training. Worked with several major text based projects. Developed programs for converting ASCII texts to useable microcomputer formats that preserve original fonts and directions in foreign languages (e.g. Syriac). Developed computerized fonts and lexicons for foreign languages. Consulted on electronic publication of Dead Sea Scrolls and other ancient materials.

Regularly attended conferences: Computer Using Educators, the National Educational Computer Conference, Microcomputers in Education Conference, Association for Computers in the Humanities Annual meeting, Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing Annual meeting, MacWorld, NetWorld/InterOp, Association International Bible et Informatique, and others.

Former Chair of the Computer Assisted Research Group of the Society of Biblical Literature (10,000 university professors from around the world). Coordinate the CARG presentations at the annual meeting.

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